Sisterhood of the World Tag

So I have been tagged by the beautiful Jess from That Curly Girl blog to do the Sisterhood of the World tag- thanks so much Jess!

Here are my answers to her questions:

1. Heels or flats on a night out? 

Definitely flats - I do not have the energy to cope with aching feet all night. I just want to have fun! I usually wear vans type plimpsols or converses, not very glam but very comfy!

2. Whats one product (high end or drugstore) you really want to try/have in your life?

There's so many! At the top of my wishlist is probably Nars Sheer Glow foundation

3. Did you have a makeup no no that you used to do all the time when you were younger?

The first makeup item I owned was a blue sparkly roll on eyeshadow which looked absolutely awful! I also used to be terrible at having the correct foundation colour

4. What is your favourite makeup brand? 

I can't decide between Rimmel, Maybelline and Bourgois! 

5. If you could only have 3 products in your makeup bag for the rest of your life...what would they be?

Foundation, mascara and bronzer

6. What product could you not go a day without using?

I don't wear makeup every day but when I do it would have to be foundation

7. Favourite scent/fragrance?

I love Viktor and Rolf's flower bomb perfume although it is so expensive!

8. What is your dream job?

I am currently studying Journalism at Uni and my dream job would be a Travel Journalist

9. Whats on the top of your 'need to get' list right now?

I really need a new concealer, my favourite is the classic Collection lasting perfection concealer!

10. What product will you always repurchase?

Rimmel stay matte translucent powder and Simple's rich moisturiser

The Rules:

-Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site.
-Put the award logo on your blog.
-Answer the ten questions they have set you.
-Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer.
-Nominate ten people.

I tag:
Georgie - Hey Its Georgie
Amanda - A Fashion Tale
Anyone who wants to do it!

My questions for you:
1. Top 3 songs you are loving at the moment?
2. What is your favourite highstreet shop?
3. How long does it take for you to get ready in the morning?
4. Are you excited for Christmas or is it far too soon?
5. Favourite thing about winter?
6. What is your skincare saviour?
7. What is your most used app on your phone?
8. What is your current favourite beauty tool? (Brush/sponge/eyelash curler etc....)
9. Who is your favourite blogger/youtuber at the moment?
10. Top 3 beauty products?

I love tags, I think they're so much fun! Link any tags you have done recently and I'll check them out :)