Primark Tartan Dress OOTD

I recently went into the giant Primark in Bristol at 7pm so it was empty (I can't stand it when it is it's usual hectic busy-ness) and found SO many nice things!

I was literally walking around going 'ooh I like that! Ooh that's nice - and that!' which I don't usually do. I usually find one or two pieces that I really like but I found so much in there. I restrained myself to 2 tartan dresses, some printed treggings, a stripy top and a jumper as I don't have the funds to go too crazy - even if it is just Primark!

I am in love with this dress! It's so perfect for winter/christmas and was only £10. I love that it has longer sleeves and the material is so soft. I bought another tartan dress which is like a shirt - I'll post outfit photos of it soon which I also really like.

I also bought these shoes from Primark a few weeks ago, I don't really like wearing flats, I prefer converse or plimsoll type trainers as I like my feet to be comfy but I thought they'd be good for nights out when trainers don't go with my outfit.

What do you think of this dress? Have you bought anything from good ol' Primarni recently?

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