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Taking outfit photos is HARD! Finding a suitable background with good lighting, finding something tall enough to rest my camera on (I used an ironing board...) and then trying to pose without feeling like an idiot. Oh and also my camera died on me which was not helpful!

So this is my first outfit post - I'm not too happy with it but hopefully I will learn and improve. We all have to start somewhere! My good camera is broken so you'll have to bare with the quality for a while.

It's a very simple, cosy autumn outfit. I never usually wear my leather jacket as I don't feel like I'm cool enough to pull it off but I thought I'd give it a go! The main reason for posting this outfit was because of the beautiful forest green jumper but unfortunately the colour didn't come up on camera AT ALL :(

You can kind of see the colour on the second to last photo properly but it doesn't do it justice. I'm really loving forest green at the moment - I have a dress from Primark in a similar colour.

I've put together a few really nice forest green jumpers which are on the highstreet at the moment for you as everything I'm wearing is quite old!

1. Monki 2. New Look 3. Topshop 4. Zara

Hope you like my first outfit post! It's a bit of a fail but hopefully they will gradually improve...

Alice xx

PS. I'm loving Ben Howard's new album and 'Evergreen' suits this post quite well - hence the post title

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