What You Will Find in Camden Market

I love Camden Market. I've been there quite a few times now and although you will definitely leave with a headache and feeling exhausted you will have had a good time.

It's a cool place. There are cool things. Here are some things you will most certainly find at Camden Market.

1. Punks, goths, hippies. The Alternative culture is alive and well in Camden, you will definitely see facial piercings, tattoos, green hair, pink eyebrows and leather outfits. The wackier the more wonderful, in my opinion.

from streetcatwalk.com
2. Cannabis Memorabilia. The most popular would be the cannabis flavoured lollipop. You can buy all sorts of weed-related items. you can never be too sure who is high and who isn't in Camden...

3. No room to sit down and eat. My favourite part of Camden is the food. There is every type of food from every type of culture and although it is pricey, it is delicious. The trouble is, you will never find a space to sit downed enjoy it.

4. Deja Vu. As with most markets, the same tourist tat and crappy tshirts are sold everywhere. Camden market is a big place and you will often find yourself thinking 'have I done this bit already?'

5. And finally - my personal favourite: wannabe hipster tweens. They will be there wide eyed and bushy tailed, clasping their iPhones to their chest, or maybe instagramming to make sure everyone knows that they are super alternative and shop in Cyberdog. Bless their tortured souls.

And that's it! Have you been to Camden and agree/disagree? Let me know!