When you come home from a long trip abroad you will often experience sudden bouts of 'post-travelling blues.' One day you were on a beautiful beach in Australia and the next you're in bed in miserable England with the rain battering against your window.

It's ok. It's normal. Together, we will get through this.

It's almost a year since I set off on my round-the-world trip of dreams, I have been home for 9 months and I still suffer from post-travelling blues. NINE MONTHS. How has it been that long!?

Some people go travelling, have the time of their life, come back and think, 'yep, I've done that. I don't really feel like I need to do it again. I'm going to get on with life.'

Others, (the majority) catch the travel bug and won't be 100% fulfilled until they've ticked off everything on their ever-increasing bucket list. But unfortunately not everyone can just hop on a plane to Budapest or Costa Rica. Life gets in the way. You might be at Uni or have a job or a commitment that means you are stuck at home. For now.

The post-travelling blues can spring upon you at any time. For me they are usually when my 7.30am alarm goes off and I have to be at a 9am lecture and no, I haven't done the reading.

Or sometimes when I am stressed out I wish I was chilling out in Fiji, eating pineapple and watching the sunset over the sea.

When I'm bored I wish I was back in Queenstown, New Zealand - hanging 160 metres upside down over a river about to do the World's Largest swing.

If you can relate, here are some tips to help you:

- Have something to look forward to. Make plans with your friends and family or just yourself, they don't have to be crazy and unique. Go to that cafe you've been meaning to try or maybe treat yourself to a spa day if you have never been.

- Make the most of where you are. You may not have the funds or time to do another long trip but it doesn't necessarily stop you from travelling and going somewhere new. There are so many cool places in the UK to spend a weekend; Bristol, Brighton, London, Windsor ... etc.

-Take every opportunity. If you're at Uni, see if you can do a year abroad. If you work, book a week off and go somewhere cool like Amsterdam or Prague. Don't keep making excuses.

-Be grateful! You've had an experience of a lifetime, although you may feel sad that you're not experiencing it anymore be happy that you did it! You have some amazing memories, photos and friends from it.

If you can relate or have any other tips I'd love to know! @alicewojcik :)