Magnetic Island

Florence Bay
View from hostel
Wild Koala!
If you're travelling the well beaten track of the East Coast of Australia you may want/need a small break from the goon hangovers, crazy nights out and exhausting day trips. A few days on Magnetic Island is exactly what you need to chill out, find some beautiful views and feed wild rock wallabies.

The only reason I went there was because I had a free nights stay at Base Hostel with my Oz Experience package and the return ferry takes 20 mins and cost around £16 from Townsville. I hadn't heard many people talk about it so probably wouldn't have gone if I didn't have the free night. I am so glad I did though!!

The East Coast is beautiful, but Magnetic Island takes it to the next level. It's so much more natural, well, it is a National Park - you can see wild rock wallabies, koalas and possums!

To feed wild rock wallabies you can hire a car or get the bus to Geoffrey Bay, walk up the track and there are loads of them! They are adorable and this was definitely a highlight of my short stay there.

You also have to do the Forts Walk to try and spot a wild koala - luckily for us someone had made an arrow from sticks pointing to one (they don't move much!) At the top of the walk you get an incredible view of Florence Bay

It's not as famous as Fraser Island or the Whitsundays but it was actually my favourite place on the East Coast of Australia and definitely worth a visit. It's just so much more chilled and laid back.

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