Halloween Hacks!

It's Halloween! Have you got your costume ready?

I'm going to spend the morning watching American Horror Story and then the evening transforming from a normal, mortal human to a creepy vampire.

I've never really got into the whole Halloween thing but for some reason, this year I've been on it! I even ordered fangs and bat tights 2 weeks early and practised my make up!

Anyway, here are some Halloween Hacks to help you on this spooky day:

1. Pumpkin carving can be a fun Halloween activity to do with your friends and kids but it whilst the idea is exciting, the actual process is messy and more effort than you anticipated. Some things to make it easier - buy a small pumpkin, less mess and less effort. Buy a cheap pumpkin carving kit which can be found in any supermarket for usually £1.

 Or don't carve at all: Louise made a really good video for alternative pumpkin decorating activities.

2. What to do with the pumpkin flesh after carving your pumpkin? You could compost it OR you can make a delicious cake/soup/pie. I made this traybake from a BBC Recipe and it was so much easier than I expected. I threw all the ingredients together, mixed them up and baked them. It tastes so good!    You can decorate with orange butter icing - I didn't have any icing sugar so didn't. Also I halved the recipe as I only had a small pumpkin.

3. Blood splattered nails. I am terrible at nail art or painting my nails in general. This is the only nail art I could do because it didn't have to be fancy or neat! It's so easy - paint your nails white and then dip a straw into a red nail varnish and blow it on - add a topcoat when dry and clean up the mess and your done!

If you don't have a costume, go crazy with some fake blood, do dramatic makeup and try this nail art!

I hope this post has helped some Halloween dilemmas. If you want to see my vampire costume - follow me on instagram and I will post a pic! @alicewojcik I'll follow you back!

What are you going as this year?