The F Word: Feminism

These past few weeks have pushed Feminism and sexism into the limelight. Emma Watson made a very inspiring speech at the UN last week to launch her 'HeforShe' campaign, there have been allegations for sexual harassment and rape by huge youtube stars and people are realising that Sex Education in Schools is just not good enough.

I love this quote from Emma's speech:

I decided I was a feminist and this seemed uncomplicated to me. But my recent research has shown me that feminism has become an unpopular word.

Why do people not want to be associated with being a feminist? Why do people think that feminists are hairy, fat, man-haters? If you believe that as a woman, you should have the same rights as any man then you are a feminist. A feminist is any person who believes in gender equality whether they are a housewife, a business worker or a Harry Potter actress.

Emma is absolutely right to involve men in the process of eliminating sexism and discrimination. Most men are not sexist but those who are need to be educated, they need to learn that groping a girl in a club is not right and that the rape victim did not deserve it because of how she was dressed.

Sam Pepper is facing serious sexual harassment claims following his 'prank' video where he pinched unsuspecting women's bums on the street for entertainment. Viewers were outraged and rightly so, it was a disgusting video which wasn't funny at all. He then released a second video of a woman pinching men's bums and then a final video claiming that the whole thing had been a 'social experiment' and that it was staged with actors to spread awareness for sexual abuse against men. Absolute bullshit. The explanation did not add up in the slightest, abuse against men is a serious issue which should be addressed but he did it in the worst way possible. He had made a prank which had gone too far and he was trying to cover it up.

Laci Green and Lexi did really good videos about this topic which are definitely worth watching. Also, @EverydaySexism is a really good twitter account.

Nobody should have to learn what consent and sexual harassment is through experiences and mistakes, they should be taught about it in schools. If you agree, please sign the petition.

Thanks for reading! Let me know your thoughts!