Top £12 and Dress £22 
Bag £7.99 

I moved to Uni two weeks ago and have been on a few shopping trips in this time. As a new student I know that spending money is not the best way to start but I didn't go too mad and I managed to justify each purchase to myself quite well!

The two shirts from Primark where about £10 each and I absolutely love them, I don't really have any tops that I can wear with leggings but these cover my bum so they are perfect! Justification: Need to look good in my first lectures to impress!

I had never heard of the shop 'Hema' before and so I went exploring. It's one of those shops that sell every possible thing you can imagine at a really good price, it's definitely worth checking out. I bought the grey and yellow scrapbook, some colourful decorative tape, photo glue and some pretty self adhesive sheets as I want to scrapbook my travelling photos. Justification: The price was very good and I need to document my travel photos!

I have a few 'going out' outfits which I recycle ALOT as I don't really make much of an effort when I'm going out with my good friends but being a fresher I wanted to look good and wear something new for a change. I don't usually find anything in Miss Selfridge that I like but it really impressed me,   I absolutely love the dress and wore it to the freshers ball.

I also never take a bag out with me when going out as I sometimes have pockets and if not I make my friends carry my stuff but I couldn't really do this to strangers so I bought this perfectly sized small bag for going out. Nights out aren't doing wonders for my skin so I picked up this freederm gel and a mascara. Justification: I can't lose my ID/Money/Phone straight away!

Now I have everything I 'need' I will start managing my money!

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